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reiki, chakra healing, meridians

Reiki Pracitioner, Teacher & Intuitive Energy Healer · Holistic Health Coaching

    Stress, illness, trauma and negative emotions all carry a low vibrational frequency and we carry this low frequency in our energetic body.

    If we are not actively clearing and releasing these energies they will impact our mind and body health.

    I help my clients to shift these stored emotions and energies and return balance and vitality to their mind, body and soul.

    I use a synergistic blend of Reiki, intuitive energy healing and vibrational therapies to help support my client’s emotional and physical needs.

  • Reduce dis-ease in your energetic body to avoid it manifesting in the physical body

  • Build your stress resilience and reduce feelings of overwhelm

  • Become less reactive and find more peace, calm and balance

  • Improve your clarity, focus and energy

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back

  • Diet, nutrition and lifestyle guidance to support for optimal wellness

Empowering women to restore health to their mind, body & soul.

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Truly gifted….

Thank you for an amazing healing session. You are truly gifted in this area.


Very supportive and professional

I had 2 Reiki Energy Healing sessions with Rigel recently as I have been suffering extreme anxiety mentally, emotionally and physically due to personal family issues.

I found Rigel to be very patient to understand and listen to my worries. She was very supportive and professional in helping me see how much I had taken on hence causing the high anxiety mentally and emotionally. She did a healing on my whole body to balance my chakras and gave me tips/advice to care for my own well-being so that I can be mentally and emotionally stable to cope with the issues.

Thank you Rigel and I’ll be seeing you again.


I had an amazing session with Rigel. I felt so much lighter when I left!

The session I had with Rigel was AMAZING! Such an easy person to talk to, I felt extremely comfortable in her beautiful space! And so much lighter when I left! I would highly recommend seeing Rigel especially for clearing out all unwanted and negative feelings. It definitely helped me! Thanks, Rigel I look forward to seeing you again for another session!


Great results from just one treatment

I have only had a couple of Reiki treatments in my life so was not sure of what to expect. Rigel was professional, yet able to tune in to a few of my ailments in an intuitive way and I had great results just from one treatment.


I am feeling a lot better thanks to her help

Rigel was an absolute delight! I went in a little skeptical as I have never had any reiki healing or health and wellness coaching but she completely changed my mind. Was very happy with the results and am feeling a lot better thanks to her help. Thanks again!


Amazing Reiki Practitioner!

Rigel is an amazing Reiki practitioner! She truly cared about helping me get back to my best and had a holistic view on my health. I came out of the treatment a new man with a whole new level of energy and clarity.


Amazing Support

I’ve been doing personal coaching with Rigel for the last 3 months. She’s been an amazing support. I feel more confident and motivated than ever!


Relaxed & Clam

I had a great experience. I felt so relaxed and calm after the session.


Relaxed & Rejuvenated

Rigel’s experience and knowledge of holistic health practices is amazing. I left my treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I will be back to continue my journey.


Rigel is a wealth of knowledge!

I went in for a Reiki session to help rest my mind and walked out not only feeling clearer but left armed with information that has helped me gain better sleep and improved gut help.
I am now taking a course with Rigel, learning all about our energy and chakras.



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